Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's a GIVEAWAY!!!!! In honor of National Adoption Month I am giving away a book. I have a new signed copy of The Adoption Network- Your Guide to Starting a Support System, by Laura Christianson. She kindly sent me two copies of this book when I ordered her book, The Adoption Decision. I kept a copy for myself, and now the second is yours! I will hold a drawing in one week for the winner. To enter just leave me a comment. For additional entries, join http://www.adoptionvoices.com/, become my friend on adoption voices, blog about adoption, add my blog to your blog, tell your friends about the giveaway. (leave a comment telling me what you have done and your name will be entered as many times as you comment.) Thanks! Happy Adoption Month!!!!


Karine said...

I love that it National Adoption Month. Its a good month to have it, for several personal reasons. For one my birthday is in NOVEMBER :) So its a good month. Second, we are hoping to adopt :) and it gives me a reason to post things on my FB about adoption to bring awareness to everyone :) It has started some great conversations, especially on open adoption and why I am choosing it :)
Nice of you to want to do a give away :) GOOD JOB on being pro-active!

Anonymous said...

would love to have a copy thanks

Mary said...

Sounds like a good read!

Mary said...

I added you as my friend on Adoption Voices!


Mary said...

Your blog is now added to my blog!


So you want to talk about it! said...

I too found you on Adoption Voices.
This sounds like a good book.

My husband and I adopted our first child in July of last year. It was a very rewarding experience, yet we had a difficult time. Our birth mom signed her over the day she was born, and 6 months later, when it was time to go to court, she changed her mind. Though it eventually worked out for us, after her rights were terminated for abandonment, we are now happy parents of a beautiful 17 month old little girl.

I see you already have two beautiful children. I'm glad for you. I wish you the very best on your adoption journey. I do wonder, have you thought of adopting from foster care? I know there are lots of kids looking for their forever family.

Dawn drkollman@gmail.com